St Cyres Resources

St Cyres English YouTube channel

Besides demonstrations of GCSE example answers, our YouTube site contains videos which help understand punctuation rules, demonstrate good examples of writing, show how to analyse reading texts and much much more.

Accelerated Reader

All Year 7 students, and selected students in Year 8 and 9, have an Accelerated Reader account. Students are given a colour coded reading level and need to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day reading to ensure that their reading age keeps up with or exceeds their chronological age. This is the login page.

Spelling tips

A handy guide which explains some of the most common issues with spelling – for both students and adults – and gives an outline of our approach at St Cyres.

Spelling Lists and Quick Tips

Key Stage 3 Reading List

(See attached PDF – although this is in the process of being updated)

KS3 Suggested Reading


Key stage 4 reading list
(Also in the process of being updated)

Wales-specific resources


BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 English and Literacy

This contains useful resources and tips on how to improve the quality of your child’s writing, how to read more critically, and also has pages dedicated to helping understand the rules for punctuation and grammar. It also includes summaries of Shakespeare texts including Macbeth which we study in Year 8 and Year 9.

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 4 English Language

This gives a useful overview of many of the skills required and tested in the English Language GCSE.

WJEC GCSE English Language page

This is the homepage for the English Language GCSE in Wales. From this page you can access the syllabus, past papers and mark schemes.

Other useful resources


7 Tips for Raising a Reader
Although it is written for an American readership it contains some very useful practical tips on encouraging your child to engage with reading and become a successful life-long reader.

Back to School Reading Tips
From the same American site, this useful sheet contains some advice on how to create a good reading environment at home, and back up the importance of reading, with clear and simple academic references.

The International Children’s Digital Library
This site contains, among many other resources, a search tool which lets you find texts such as short stories, poetry anthologies, classic novels, myths legends and folktales.