The Sixth Form Council meets once every half term and at other times if necessary. Year 13 will be represented by the members of the Executive Committee. Year 12 by 6 other members. The Head of Sixth Form and other members of the office team are also members of the Council. The agenda can be determined by students or staff from the sixth form office.

Current Council Members 2013/2014:

Year 12
JR                   Kieran Daw & Abigail Hallum
CMC               Callum Smith & Mihlali Mpupu
KD                  Nigel Lucero & Lucy Perry
EL                   Jake Paterson & Molly Andrews
RG                  Harry Simpson & Jessica Charles
LS                   Ethan Taylor & Peyton Boulton
EF                   Charles Whittaker & Fatehea Gamil Rahman


Year 13
NCA               Nick Stephens & Lauren Spillane
FG                   Gurvinda Dhesi & Mollie Chick
TV                   Rizwan Ahmed & Rochelle Ahmed
EH                  Kellen Jeremy & Sahar Ibrahim
LJ                    Nathan Morgan & Cerys Edwards
JE                   Ashley Wilson & Emma Williams

Current Council Rulings :

Uniform: The Council were happy for the Head of Sixth Form and the WBQ team to decide what constituted 'sensible and unobtrusive' jewellery'.

Students who contravene the uniform rules may be asked to return home to change

6th Form Centre : No games allowed on the computers as they slow down the system. This can seriously effect students doing UCAS applications as well as other work.