Online Safety


Hello, my name is Stuart McDonald and I am a Head of Year in the upper school at St Cyres. I am also responsible for engaging, organising and leading on the challenging topic of Online Safety.

As you are aware, we supply your children with Ipads and these have strict safeguards on them to filter troublesome sites and illegal material from reaching your child. Have a look and you will see that in order to access online, they have to sign in to their ‘Smoothwall’ account. Please feel secure in the knowledge that we can monitor and filter their adventures, even in the home.

We can’t however stop your child from browsing and engaging with these things on their phones, games consoles or personal devices. This is down to you!

I will be sharing some very useful articles and websites in the thread below to help you safeguard your child in what is an increasingly complex arena- the online world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on with any concerns or anxieties; or if you are more comfortable doing so, contact your appropriate DoPP and they will liaise with me so that we can help you.

We are a 1 to 1 school and we are confident and proud of the devices we have shared with you, but as houses become increasingly smart, it is essential to educate yourself in order to safeguard your child in the online world.

Cheers for now, Stu Mcdonald.



Please see below- attached is a very straightforward ‘beginners guide’ to parenting in the online age- created by the NSPCC.


Hi there, I hope your Christmas period was festive- below are some safeguarding details particular to the consoles you may have bought your children. Very useful!





Remember to check out the CEOP symbol on the main website, just in case! If you are experiencing any concerns, pick up the phone or email me on or 02920352486.