Ronak’s Nuffield Placement

Ronak Shah was one of 75 students who took part in a Nuffield placement over the summer holiday.  Over 330 students applied for a placement so this was very prestigious. Here, Ronak is pictured explaining to Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Martin Evans his research into how cancerous cells can cross the blood brain barrier at the Nuffield Awards Evening.

Ronak’s research involved using a variety of techniques including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to amplify DNA samples.  This is the same technique used at crime scenes to create genetic fingerprints.

Ronak’s research will help us to understand why some cancers are more likely to spread into the brain when they metastasise.  Ronak has written an in-depth report explaining the techniques that he used and the conclusions that he drew from his results.

Current year 12 Science students are encouraged to apply for a Nuffield Bursary through the Techniquest website.

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