Geography Fieldwork Visits

Year 13 Geography students carried out fieldwork on Contrasts in Deprivation in a number of areas of Cardiff recently. Pupils compared housing quality and the physical environment by carrying out a range of primary research.
Geography fieldwork 2
They visited the most expensive road in Cardiff in the suburbs of Cyncoed. They contrasted this area with another suburban area, Ely and then an inner city area of Cardiff, Splott. Pupils gathered relevant and quality research, before thoroughly enjoyed a buffet-style Pizza in Pizza Hut for lunch. They ended the day in the semi-rural location of Michaleston-Le-Pit to compare rural deprivation with the urban areas they had visited earlier in the day. A very enjoyable day was had by all!
Year 12 Geography students have recently returned from a very successful and surprisingly sunny residential fieldtrip to Gower and Swansea. Pupils carried out both physical and human fieldwork. The physical fieldwork involved pupils taking a range of measurements along the River Pennard. They started measurements at Parkmill and ended at the stunning Three Cliffs Bay.
The human fieldwork day was completed in Swansea City Centre and pupils carried out a transect from the SA1 redevelopment all the way to the Townhill area of Swansea. Pupils were assessing environmental quality along the way.
Pupils and staff also enjoyed a meal out in Swansea and a trip to Laser Zone.

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