St Cyres Year 7 iPad Launch

This week saw an important event where our new Year 7 pupils were issued with their school iPads so that they could fully engage with St Cyres innovative teaching and learning approach which makes full use of tablet technologies.

All pupil in St Cyres are given iPads as a tool which gives them access to a whole range of learning resources to support them in their studies.  The cost of the iPad is covered in full by the school and parents make a small annual contribution for insurance and an initial contribution to the protective case which allows pupils to take the iPad home and access their learning resources wherever they are.

iPads are used in all sorts of innovative ways in St Cyres.  Google Classroom is a very important tool which is used to set all homework for all pupils.  Using Google Classroom, pupils are able to organise and submit homework to their teachers electronically, as well as have access to their teacher by sending messages if they have questions about homework tasks, or need extra support to complete work.  Teachers are also able to give feedback to the pupils on the homework through Google Classroom which will give guidance to pupils on how to improve their work.  A brand new feature of Google Classroom is currently being trialled by St Cyres where parents can receive daily or weekly emails from this App telling them what homework their child has been set and what marks they have received for homework that has been marked, along with any comments from the teacher.  This feature will be available to all parents very soon!

As well as having access to tens of thousands of fantastic educational Apps, using iPads in lessons also allows teachers to share iBooks with pupils.  An iBook is an electronic text book, but one which offers much more functionality that a traditional textbook which can often be out of date before it is published.  These iBooks are created by teachers in St Cyres and are specific for the courses and the pupils we teach.  They are also more interactive and media rich compared with traditional text books, and so will often contain quizzes, videos and animations.  These iBooks are available to pupils on their iPads at all times and give both pupils and parents fantastic support as they can be used when at home or in school.

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