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Our School


To create an exciting, relevant, experimental and constantly evolving curriculum that meets mandatory requirements, ensures universal provision, empowers all stakeholders and has the four purposes at the heart.


Humanities helps us understand the world around us. Our learners will become informed and critical thinkers as they engage with the most important issues facing us today in Wales and the wider world. Through their studies, learners will develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and present. Humanities encourages learners to think creatively and to ask questions about our world. Humanities teaches empathy as our learners consider key issues from different perspectives.

Humanities is central to learners becoming ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world. Learners will investigate their heritage and develop a sense of place. Learners will contemplate different perspectives as they develop an understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity within Wales.

St Cyres School, Sully Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XP

02920 708708